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Because your coffee shop is just around the corner. Because you love that park trail that’s equal parts challenging and beautiful. Because you’re a big fan of the retail therapy. Because there is nothing that’s going to slow you down: You need a stroller that not only keeps up, it helps set the pace. The Crosswalk is designed, built and delivered with everything you need to keep up with your amazingly active and soon-to- be more active life. The frame is built from anodized aluminum that’s stronger and more durable while still maintaining the lightweight feel that makes it easy to transport. The dual suspension shock absorption takes the bump out of the road while keeping baby comfortable and calm. Speaking of comfortable, the wide, reclinable seat gives your little one room to move and the ability to sit back and enjoy the ride, while staying protected from the elements by the breathable smart fabric canopy. We could go on, and we will, because this stroller has as many features as you have places to go.


Made for your ease of use and convenience

Lightweight Stroller, only 26.5lbs., and balanced form allows for effortless pushing and maneuverability

Unique rear frame design allows for long strides
and jogging without hitting your legs or feet

Large under carriage basket and a seatback storage pocket holds what you need

Hand brake is easier to use and provides quicker control

Ergonomic pivot handle accommodates all statures and changing postures


makes room for your
life on the move

Folds down with two clicks in 2 seconds to one of the smallest closed sizes in its class


We know life can be messy and little incidents can happen. But don’t worry, we made our plush polyester and cotton blend seating area machine washable so nothing can take away your focus from your journey with your favourite little one.

Grow & Go

Watch your child grow in the Crosswalk with its adjustable extra wide seating and its tall backrest, the Crosswalk makes sure your little one is safe and comfortable from infant to toddler, up to 50lbs.


Five recline positions from upright to full recline makes Crosswalk perfect for cuddly naps as you’re moving forward


Equipped with extremely durable wider diameter wheels and rugged tread DuraTyre™, The Crosswalk takes you and your new addition anywhere you want to go. Unlike other stroller tires that use cheaper hard plastic that wears down quickly leading to unforeseen and inconvenient complications. DuraTyre™ is made of high-density polyurethane, the same stuff used for golf cart wheels; but these never need to be inflated. Tested and proven to last 40% longer than our best competition. Your steering will be easy and your will be traction super sticky whether you are at the mall, on the street or on a trek down a gravel path.

QuietRide Suspension

Patented dual suspension shock absorption handles bumps both front to back and side to side and puts the crosswalk in a class of its own when it comes to comfort for your child


With your purchase we include a rain cover and cup holder so you are ready for all the fun, no matter the weather. We offer this value and accommodation to show our commitment to your whole Jane experience unlike other companies which sell these items separately.

About The Product

  • Ultra-Light frame, only 26.5 lbs.
  • Anodized aluminium frame
  • Unique hand lock system
  • 2-year warranty
  • Extremely extendable zipper canopy
  • From birth to 50lbs.
  • Responsibly sourced materials
  • Extremely compact when fold; 2-second fold™
  • Converts forward facing or rear facing
  • Adjustable seat in multiple positions from full recline to upright
  • Kickstand keeps stroller upright when closed
  • Tallest seat back in its class = longer usage
  • Five recline positions + adjustable footrest
  • Large wheels that can overcome any bump on the road + easy handling in difficult terrain
  • Adjustable handle bars for height and angle


    • Canopy
    • Positions:
    • Three (without extension)
      Four (with extension)
    • Neoprene:
    • Insulation from extreme temps, SPF 50+
      Won't fade due to sun exposure,
      Stain resistant, Waterproof and Wind Resistant
    • Handlebar
    • Positions: Seven
    • Handlebar width: 18.5"
    • Handlebar to floor:
    • 32.5"/37"/41.5"/43.5"/45"/44"/41"
    • Chassis
    • Material: Anodized Aluminum
    • Shocks: Double Long Stroke Shock Absorber
    • Brake: Hand
    • Basket: 20" h x 18" l x 9" w
    • Seat
    • Recline Positions: Infinite
    • Lie Flat Degree: 175
    • Foot Rest Positions: Four
    • Should harness height: 11.5"
    • Fabric: Polyester/Cotton Mix Blend Machine Washable
    • Seat Measurements:
    • Bite to Back 8.5"
      Bite to Canopy 25”
      Foot rest to Back 17.5"
      Front to Canopy 26.5” (extended)
      Front to Canopy 21” (not extended)
      Seat to Floor 21"
    • Infant Insert: Yes, removable
    • Seat with Insert: 12.5"
    • Seat without Insert: 12.5"
    • Pro-Fix
    • Without Link-Fix Adapter: Jané Koos
    • With Link-Fix Adapter:
    • Maxi-Cosi Mico
      Chicco Keyfit 30br/> Cybex Atonbr/> Nuna Pipabr/> Graco SnugRide 35 Classic Connect
    • Fold
    • Seat Forward Facing:
    • 17" h x 32.5" l x 23" w Seat Rear Facing: 16" h x 38" l x 23" w
    • No Seat: 12.5" h x 25.5" l x 23" w
    • Patented compact fold:
    • 30% smaller than competition
    • Wheels
    • Tire: Polyurethane
    • Wheel Base: 23"
    • Front Tire: 8.5"
    • Rear Tire: 10.5"
    • Accessories
    • Included:
    • Cup Holder
      Shopping Bag
      Rain Cover
    • Optional:
    • Nest Plus Foot muff
      Link-Fix Adapter
      Micro Bassinet
      Surfer Board

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